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jeseThe scariest things in life have nothing to do with things outside of you. It’s not some weird, crazy, rabid animal. It’s not some psycho with a gun. It’s not some smelly, nasty, boss. It’s not some psychotic woman. It has nothing to do with any of that shit.

If you really want to get to the root of the things that scare the fuck out of you, it’s all inside. It’s all about your insecurities and the core of insecurity is fear. Fear is actually quite predictable. It is actually easy to slice and dice.

If you were going to ask dozens of people regarding what they are afraid of, the pattern should be fairly predictable. Either they’re afraid of losing something or they’re afraid that people would harm them, they’re afraid of what they would find out, they’re afraid that people would make fun of them. It really all boils down to loss.

If you were to boil down fear in its wide number of forms and shapes, it all boils down to loss. So you have to ask yourself, if you’re into cougardating, what do I have to lose? That is the most liberating question you could ask when it comes to cougardating on .

If you are able to keep asking that question and you’re able to craft the answer in a way that makes sense in light of your set of personal circumstances, then cougardating would become easier and easier. That’s why you have to understand that the one thing about cougardating that should scare you is that it requires self introspection.

It requires that you scratch beneath the surface. It requires you to be honest. It requires you to quit fucking around with yourself. And stop lying to yourself, stop carrying yourself like you’re in some sort of delusion or you’re in a state of denial. Fuck all that.

The reason why I said that this is all scary is because most people don’t want to go there. Most people would rather believe in horror movies. Most people would rather believe and be scared by shit outside of them.

But if you really want to make great progress, not just with cougardating, but with all areas of your life, get to the core of your fear. Start living a fearless life and you’d be surprised as to how successful and happy you can be.

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bigbutts I wish I could tell you that local hookups websites are one and the same. I wish I could tell you that they all work the same. I wish I could tell you that they all deliver a quality experience. Unfortunately, just because these websites look very similar to each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually deliver local hookups. Far from the case.

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Unfortunately, regardless of how slick the ads of a website promising local hookups may be, that website isn’t going to do anything for you if it’s stocked only with local men. Seriously. These guys are looking for the same thing that you’re looking for. They’re looking for hot, tight, college age pussy to fuck in their local areas. They’re looking for hot, red-blooded all-American pussy.

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