02 Oct

How not to embarrass yourself during a booty callEnter a post title

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With the popularity of of arranging booty calls online on free hook up site like BootyCallHookups, thanks to mobile apps like Tinder (or Grinder, if you are gay), it’s so much easier to get laid nowadays. In fact, you only need to wake up, swipe some pictures, and if you look good enough and you have a tight game, you are assured that you will fuck that night. That’s how easy it is to get laid. It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet; there are always sex freaks located near you.

The problem is when you go on these free hookups, it’s so easy to embarrass yourself. It’s so easy to look like a fool. I’m sorry to break this to you, but if you embarrass yourself too many times chances are she wouldn’t want to call you back so you can have sex in the future.

You need to make a great first impression; otherwise, you are going to be leaving a lot of pussy on the table. That’s the bottom line. If you want to make sure you have a tight game, pay attention to the following.

Get hard and stay that way

It’s extremely important to get hard and stay that way. Women are looking to have great sex. It’s very hard to have great sex if your dick is limp. It’s not like you can eat her out the whole night. She’s also looking to get vaginally excited.

Eating pussy only excites the woman’s clit. Know the difference. So it’s really important to make sure that your equipment is functioning properly and, most importantly, it needs to stay that way for at least three hours.

Fuck her slowly throughout the night

It’s really important to understand that a woman warms up slowly. They warm up at a different rate than guys. Guys can heat up very quickly and cool down very rapidly.

With women, they’re very cool in the beginning and then they heat up slowly. But once you get them red hot, they stay hot for a long time. That’s how you do it. You need to get her excited and get her to stay excited.

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26 Jun

Blondie with large butt enjoys posting hot pics

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The good news is that not only you can enjoy her incredible xxx naked photos but you can also enjoy her too… in real time, in private, through her live streaming webcam! Get registered at CheatingWomen.org and you will have full access to her private room whenever you will want to see that perfect big round butt exposed or worked out deep and hard.

In my opinion there’s no point in wasting more time looking for big butts hotties elsewhere now that you’re a single click away of this perfect blondie. She could fuck the hell out of you if you’d give her a chance, that’s for sure.

For the time being some virtual sex would be great too, I’m telling you because I went dating her virtually and I was totally delighted by every second I spent with her, that’s what actually made me want to feature her on this blog… I wanted my loyal visitors to get a chance to know about her too!


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13 Jun

New Hot Woman in The Complex

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sandra romain anal fuckSexy women with big butts are the best! And when that sexy floozy moved into the apartment complex, you just loved watching her ass in those hot bikinis and pantyhose. But then you got the chance to take a deep plunge into deeper booty and you were reborn.







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04 May

Big Booties and Big Hair is Big Hot

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hardcore doggy-style

If you’re like me, there is nothing hotter than sexy girls with big butts, especially ones with long, dark hair like this hot little honey. Can you imagine that hair wrapped around your thick one, right before you plunge it between those hot plush butt cheeks?


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25 Mar

Sometimes You Just Need Some Plunging

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white big butt fuckedIf you have a hankering to see some big booty on thick cocks, then getting a gander at this chick will seriously get your blood bubbling over. Stroking that hard thing is the only relief you’re going to find when these pictures get you all pumped up and bursting!


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